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ICSS Journal Vol 3 No 2

The June/July 2015 edition of ICSS Journal covers the ICSS’s most recent efforts to promote transparency and accountability in sport. These include the proposed Sports Industry Transparency Initiative (SITI), which envisages a set of global standards that would be voluntarily adopted by sports organisations.
The Journal also draws on economic complexity theory to explain the rise of super clubs such as Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona, exploring why these clubs stand out and how they have been so successful.  
Security and safety planning for events such as the forthcoming Rugby World Cup and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will also be discussed. Key considerations when planning major sporting events include the role of stewards and the importance of crisis communication.
Other articles provide analysis of how football stadia became arenas for political mobilisation in Algeria; the impact of concussion on participation rates in contact sports; and the latest real-time crowd recognition software, which allows security personnel to anticipate and handle safety threats more effectively.