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Securing the Cybersphere

Assuring security in the cybersphere is perhaps one of the most critical challenges facing the future of society. In a very short space of time, the internet has become the foundation of almost every aspect of human activity, from health and welfare to banking, critical national infrastructures, transport, energy, defence and the way we interact with each other. Regrettably, the internet has also become a tool for those who seek to destabilise society or act beyond its laws for their own ends, whatever they may be.

It is for this reason that Syracuse University has established the International Cybersecurity Research Group (ICRG) as a means to pool all of our expertise in this field. ICRG will enable us to produce the next generation of cyber professionals, who will help to build security into every aspect of the online world.

Securing the Cybersphere is an official publication of the ICRG.