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ICSS Journal Vol 2 No 4

Abuse of athletes is the ‘enemy within’ sport. Alongside growing recognition of the myriad forms that abuse can take, there are new initiatives focused on providing protection. The December 2014/January 2015 edition of ICSS Journal covers the formation of the International Safeguards for Children in Sport, guidelines launched in October 2014; and Safe Sport International, an organisation aiming to tackle issues that cause harm to athletes.

From improving governance to engaging with the community, the Securing Sport 2014 conference addressed crucial issues currently facing sport. This edition provides a review of the major topics covered at the conference and Lord Sebastian Coe’s perspective on embedding responsibility for integrity within governing bodies. It also explores the threat of infectious diseases on international competitions in the light of the Ebola crisis in west Africa, and the potential outcomes of FIFA’s new agent regulations, which are due to enter into effect in April.

The Journal also addresses the impact of evolving technology on sport, featuring articles on crowd simulation and monitoring technology, as well as asking about the long-term implications of these changes for how we engage with sport.