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ICSS Journal Vol 1 No 1

Taking as its central theme the politicisation of sport, the March 2013 edition of the ICSS Journal examines how sport can foster a tribal identity that can sometimes spill over into violence, but also how it can act as a bridge between divided communities and bring about social change.
The publication includes articles exploring how states have used sport as an extension of politics; how mass-spectator events can provide a platform for protest, as witnessed in Egypt; and how violent football fan groups exert political influence in countries including Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina. On the positive side, there are also reports on effective policies to tackle racism in football and how organised sport can provide hope for the unemployed.
The ICSS Journal, published by Newsdesk Media in partnership with the International Centre for Sport Security, is a quarterly publication that fuses perceptive and timely insights with sport-security issues that are affecting the sporting generations of today, and of the future.
As part of the ICSS’s commitment to share knowledge and to help governments and international federations in delivering safe and secure major sport events, the Journal examines emerging themes in sport, security, economics and integrity, and includes opinion and research from international experts and practitioners.
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