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G20 Cannes

The leaders of the world's main economies met in Cannes on 3 and 4 November 2011, hoping to agree measures to head off the spectre of a global downturn. The main focus of the sixth G20 summit centred around the need to strengthen and sustain the still fragile global economic recovery, assaulted by financial crises and austerity in Europe, budget difficulties in the US, natural disasters in Japan, political unrest in the Middle East, and food price volatility and shortages around the world.

Above all, the Cannes Summit was called on to deliver the bold new initiatives outlined by the French chair as the defining themes of the summit: regulating commodities markets, initiating a new international monetary system and modernising global governance for both the old multilateral organizations and the new G20 itself.

Featuring articles from leaders including Mexican President Felipe Calderón and President of Korea Lee Myung-bak, plus submissions from respected commentators such as Juan Somavía of the International Labour Organization and Donald Kaberuka of the African Development Bank, the G20 Cannes publication provides an essential overview of the main topics under discussion.