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RAF Air Power 2015/16

RAF Air Power 2015/16: Securing the skies charts the development of the Royal Air Force as it continues to play a vital role in keeping Britain safe both at home and abroad.
The United Kingdom’s defence aerospace sector controls 17% of global market share. The publication offers a snapshot into the industry’s importance to the country’s prosperity and highlights what the government is doing to ensure continued growth.
RAF Air Power 2015/16 also looks at how the RAF is supporting the United Kingdom’s commitment to NATO and responding to growing threats such as Boko Haram in Africa and ISIL in the Middle East. As the RT Hon Michael Fallon, Secretary of State for Defence, says in his foreword to the publication: “[The UK] stands out as one of the only NATO members that can apply air power rapidly and at a distance, thanks to the investment in our mobility and air-to-air refuelling fleet, making it one of the most advanced in the world.”
Topics also covered include the growing impact of remotely piloted air systems; disruptive technologies; and the importance of maintaining effective cybersecurity.