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NATO - Securing Our World

Published on the occasion of the 2014 NATO Summit at Celtic Manor, Wales, NATO: Securing Our World, the third official Atlantic Treaty Association publication produced by Newsdesk Media, addresses the key threats and challenges facing countries in the NATO alliance and beyond.

The book highlights NATO’s essential purpose in safeguarding the freedom and security of its 28 member states, providing a unique link between Europe and North America in the field of defence and security, and in the conduct of multinational crisis-management operations.

In his foreword to the publication, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen writes: “NATO’s purpose in the 21st century is to keep our nations safe, the bond between Europe and North America strong, and our region and the world stable. The Wales Summit will demonstrate that NATO remains an essential source of stability in a changed world.”

As summit host, UK Prime Minister David Cameron writes in his foreword that the leaders’ gathering “should prove that NATO continues to be a rock-solid alliance with strong partnerships around the world that fosters global peace and stability, creating a secure environment for our economies to grow”.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO Secretary General
David Cameron, UK Prime Minister