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RAF Air Power 2014/15

RAF Air Power 2014/15: Engaging in a Changing World offers as insight into the current transformation of the Royal Air Force (RAF) to engage with partners across the globe to deal with instability wherever it occurs around the globe. The publication explores the strategy, scale and purpose of the transformation, combining the ability to protect the United Kingdom with the ability to act at speed across great distances.

Topics also covered include the RAF’s role in the UK”s prosperity through its close relationship with the aerospace industry, and a focus on the ingenuity, resourcefulness and professionalism of its people.

RAF Air Power 2014/15 includes forewords from the Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP, Secretary of State for Defence, and Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford, Chief of the Air Staff, who writes: “I am confident that this publication will give a clearer understanding of how the RAF is building on the experiences and successes of recent years in order to develop a strong, flexible force, resilient to the inevitable challenges and complexities of the 21st century, and why air power will continue to play such an important part in assuring the UK’s interests in the future.”

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