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A Global Force 2011/12

This annual title, published by Newsdesk Media on behalf of the Royal Navy, contains a wide range of informative articles explaining the ways in which the Navy is vital to the nation and the different forms of power it can project. The publication’s broad sweep incorporates naval strategy, operations and core duties; missions in Afghanistan, the Gulf and Libya; the continued impact of the Strategic Defence and Security Review; a look at human resources and the service’s charitable causes; plus an overview of its ships, submarines and other equipment.

In his introduction to the yearbook, First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope GCB OBE ADC, highlights the essential role that the Naval Service plays in the modern world, commenting on how it brings “a degree of certainty to a world of uncertainty” and concluding that the Navy is “a compelling expression of this country’s influence”.

To download A Global Force 2011/12, please click on the links below:

Full book (15MB)

By section:
Contents and Forewords (2.2MB) | Protecting Our Nation's Interests (3MB) 
Operating Around The Globe Today (5.2MB) | Our People (2.7MB) 
Our Ships, Submarines and Aircraft (2.3MB)