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The British Army 2011

This is a time of unprecedented change for the British Army, which has many challenges to address in line with the requirements set out in the Strategic Defence and Security Review. Nowhere else is the debate over how best the army can evolve in future more succinctly or intelligently laid out than in the official British Army Yearbook 2011: A balance of capabilities for an unpredictable world.

Speaking at the launch event at the House of Commons, Chief of the General Staff General Sir Peter Wall said that in future the army would have to “think laterally, challenge convention and deal with novel situations” in order to tackle effectively those issues facing the army in a 21st- century context. Referring to the publication, Sir Peter noted that “this excellent collection of essays” would encourage debate and added that he was confident that the “first-class publication” would both reach out to inform a wider audience “as well as stimulating and provoking our own thinking”.

To download The British Army 2011 by section, please click on the links below:

Forewords and Introductions (1.5MB) | Nation Security (2MB)  
Current Operation part 1 (6MB) | Current Operation part 2 (5MB) 
Transformation (2MB) | Our People (1.5MB) | Conclusion (2.5MB)

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