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The Army Air Corps Today

The Army Air Corps (AAC) worked with Newsdesk Media to produce The Army Air Corps Today, a celebration of 50 years of the AAC, in September 2007.

The Army Air Corps Today examines the AAC's origins, its growth in stature to become an essential component of the British Army's order of battle, and modern-day challenges.

The publication is edited by Lieutenant Colonel Paul Beaver, senior Territorial Army officer, Army Air Corps. Forewords are provided by General Sir Richard Dannatt, Chief of the General Staff and Colonel-Commandant of the AAC at the time of publication, and Brigadier Iain Thomson, Director, Army Aviation.

The AAC is the smallest of the three combat arms in the Army, but its fleet of helicopters makes it one of the most potent. The AAC operates alongside armour, infantry and the Special Forces in direct contact with the enemy.