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Ministry of Defence

In collaboration with SAMA 82 and the Ministry of Defence, Newsdesk Media published Falklands 25: Official Commemorative Publication in 2007. The publication formed part of the commemorations that marked the 25th anniversary of the end of the Falklands conflict.

For 28,000 sailors, soldiers and airmen, the Falklands campaign was a conflict into which they were pitched without warning. For their families it was a time of acute tension, while for everyone it was a period of shared intensity. Whatever one's opinion about the conflict, the resolve and effort required to undertake it were on a scale unseen for a generation. Small wonder that memories remain so vivid.

The book pays tribute to the men and women of the UK's Armed Forces, with first-hand accounts by those who led, those who served and those who lived through the conflict. Servicemen and women, journalists, broadcasters, relatives, Islanders, commanders and bystanders recall those eventful days.

Forewords were provided by HM The Queen, Baroness Thatcher, Tony Blair (UK Prime Minister at time of publication) and Alan Huckle, Governor of the Falklands.