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Sir Keith Park Memorial Campaign

In association with the Royal Air Force Museum and on behalf of the Sir Keith Park Memorial Campaign, in 2009 Newsdesk Media donated Saving Britain: In honour of Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park.

The publication offers detailed accounts of the Battle of Britain and how Park's heroic leadership lead to triumph.

Saving Britain profiles this outstanding leader, discussing the emergence of Fighter Command and how the world's first integrated air defence system was established. Features form a commemorative and historical book that documents the man known as "the defender of London", following his career, tracing his heritage in New Zealand and exploring his strategic mastery.

The publication was launched on 4 November 2009 at the unveiling ceremony of a temporary statue of Park on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. On 15 September 2010 – the 70th anniversary of Battle of Britain Day – a permanent statue will be unveiled in Waterloo Place, London.

As a proud supporter of the SIr Keith Park Memorial Campaign, Newsdesk Media was delighted to donate Saving Britain to assist the Campaign's fundraising activities.