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Launch of G8/G20 Recovery and New Beginnings

Posted on 30/06/2010

The G8/G20 publication Recovery and New Beginnings was launched at the G8 and G20 Canadian summits on 24-25 and 26-27 June.

During the G8 summit the leaders of the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Canada, Russia and the European Union addressed the critical issues facing the global community. These issues, all of which are covered in Recovery and New Beginnings, included climate change, energy security and the environment, food and agriculture, education, health and the promotion of security.

The subsequent G20 summit, held in Toronto on 26-27 June, added the leaders of systemically significant countries to generate growth in the global economy, reform domestic financial regulations and international institutions, and promote trade and investment in order to produce a global sustainable prosperity.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper described the summit as being very successful. "We have refocused the G8 on its strengths: development, peace and of course global security challenges. The G8 has been reshaped and re-energised. Its members share common objectives in the world."

Recovery and New Beginnings contains articles from a wide range of political leaders and experts on the issues facing the G8 and G20. Contributors include Barack Obama, Stephen Harper, Lee Myung-bak and Ban Ki-moon