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European Climate Exchange contracts second publication

Posted on 13/01/2010

Working in partnership with the Chicago Climate Exchange and the European Climate Exchange, the largest emissions trading venues in the US and Europe, Newsdesk Media produced the first edition of Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change in 2006.

The follow-up publication, Dealing with Climate Change - Leadership in Emissions Markets, is now in production. It will look at the issues in light of the perceived failure of the Copenhagen conference to come up with a definitive international agreement on climate change measures. The publication will look at developments in the EU cap and trade system, review the political pressure for climate change policies around the world, explain the uses of cap and trade markets and their role in helping businesses make the necessary adjustments, as well as discuss new emissions trading technology. 

Dealing with Climate Change - Leadership in Emissions Markets will highlight the vast range of opportunities, as well as threats, emerging from the efforts to tackle climate change, and will make a major contribution to the vital debate on climate change issues.

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